Welcome to my blog by brodie, that’s me Brodie Harper. Let me fill you in on a little bit about myself. Don’t worry, I’ll keep it short.

Most importantly I’m proud mum to my beautiful spirited daughter Jessica and wife to athlete and model Heath Meldrum.

But like all working mums there is more to us than cooking dinner and cleaning the house. I have modelled for 12 years and have spent the last 7 working on channels 9’s travel program postcards, I have worked as a weather presenter, covered fashion crosses for Wide World of Sports and appearances on top rating show 20 to 1. I also enjoyed roles as Caufields Spring Racing Ambassador and the Face of the Mornington Cup, with some of my highlights including trips to Hawaii, Dubai but a definite bucket list tick would have to be competing in the Australian Grand Prix celebrity race.

Also being passionate about health and fitness I am a qualified personal trainer. You will find that a lot of my blogs will revolve around family health and wellness but as I seem to wear so many different hats in my life, from work, fashion, events and lets definitely not forget travel I thought I’d create this blog to help share my experiences with you. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy sharing it. xx