If The Shoe Fits

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Take me back 5, 10, 15 years and I would tell you that I will always put style before comfort when it comes to shoes. Ask me now while I’m running around after a toddler and wow how things change. Those beloved stilettos just don’t cut it (don’t get me wrong, there is still a time and place). And yes I’m disappointed in myself. I was so sure I would always try to look trendy above my comfort. I was

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Customise Your Summer

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A good portion of us love to shop, and lets be honest not many negatives spring to mind if I were to suggest it. But there is one word that leaves even the most season shopper running for the hills……. swimwear A strange fitting room, full length mirror, bad lighting ( why do they always have such bad lighting!) Then there are the swimsuits. Your boobs don’t fit the top, your bum doesn’t fit the bottoms. You find a set

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Fashion First

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As a woman and mother finding outfits that are easy to wear, cover the bits you want covered and need minimal accessorising (children love to play with earrings and necklaces) can be difficult. They are either too short, show too much cleavage or if they tick these boxes there’s nothing sexy about what you have on. Well just because you would like to dress elegant does not mean you can’t be sexy. Aside from the majority of sexiness coming from

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